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Dear visitors of website,

you are entering the virtual space dedicated to one of the undoubtedly geologically important areas of Europe – the central Barrandian. Barrandian is located in central and south-western part of the Czech Republic. The area called Barrandian became famous thank to french scientist Joachim Barrande (1799-1883). He carried out large paleontological research in central Bohemia and Barrandian is named in his honour. The aim of the website is to present its treasury to everybody that is interested in its geological and paleontological heritage as well as to introduce it better to large public. This website accompanied by geological map (downloadable PDF) is a contribution to the fact that Barrandian can be potentially declared a Geopark according to UNESCO rules in the future.

From the point of view of geology-related tourism friends’ Barrandian probably consists of six parts covering highly concentrated geological localities. These parts are following:

  1. Western ordovician part of Prague Basin – surroundings of Rokycany town (app. 60 km west of Prague)
  2. „Skryjsko – týřovicko“ cambrian part (river Berounka valley around Skryje village app. 50 km west of Prague)
  3. „Příbramsko – jinecko“ cambrian part (app. 45 km southwest of Prague)
  4. „Koněprusko“ devonian part (surroundings of famous Koněpruské jeskyně caves around 35 km south-west of Prague)
  5. Silurian and devonian core of Barrandian (area in surroundings of Karlštejn and Srbsko villages in the river Berounka valley 30 km southwest of Prague)
  6. Prague part (particularly southwestern part on the left bank of the Vltava river and southwest surroundings)

Discussion of all the main stakeholders involved in potential Geopark’s project led to a proposal of “Joachim Barrande Geopark”. The proposed Geopark’s area doesn’t cover all the Barrandian. It includes probably the parts D, E and F mentioned above (map). The first necessary step was to obtain the status of National geopark candidate. Management of JB Geopark submitted the appropriate application to National Board of Geoparks in 2012. NBG approved the application in the same year. The JB Geopark is now preparing the final nomination (2014) that is supposed to be applied in 2015 or 2016.

The most accessible part of Barrandian for geology-interested visitors to the capital Prague is the last one of those above mentioned. Detailed description of Barrandian localities in Prague and surroundings can be found here (English). 1:30000-scale map of these localities suitable for tourists is ready to download here (Czech only). 1:160000-scale map of the whole area of Barrandian with geological overview is available here (Czech only). 

Visiting the localities depicted as green polygons in detailed touristic map, please keep in mind that they are protected by Czech law according to nature conservation rules. In general there is prohibited to:

  • step outside signed paths (according to conservation level)
  • mine rock and minerals
  • enter the areas by vehicles and camp or light open fire there

There are dangerous places in some parts of conservated areas. Be careful and do not climb rocks, do not step on edges of rocky slopes and quarries. Do not enter caves and holes. There is industrial mining or construction in progress on some places. Please do not enter without a competent person or permission given by him/her.

The project aimed at geology-related sustainable tourism is supported by the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic and the City Hall of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.